PreScreening Form for HFH Housing Applicants

Did you know that 8% of families in the Denton County area are considered homeless or live in substandard housing?

Habitat/Denton County’s Homeownership Program offers NO-INTEREST loans to QUALIFIED, low-mid income families, allowing them to purchase safe, affordable, energy efficient homes in the Denton County area!

Please complete and submit the form below to proceed.

This online form is made available to all applicants, solely for the purpose of pre-screening to establish if an applicant can potentially satisfy all of the requirements of the qualification process.

Please read and answer all questions carefully. Required information fields are blue and marked with an asterisk(*). If the form will not submit, there will be questions which require your attention on tabs which turn red. Do not use $ signs or decimals when filling out form. When asked about who lives in your home, create a list by adding each person's name, age and relationship using the small green button to the right of the fields.

Once this form has been submitted and accepted, the displayed response page will indicate whether or not you are qualified to proceed through the Application Process. Instructions will be included on your response.

Every submitted form will be reviewed and recorded by HFHDC Staff, but until that review is complete, no other form submission you make will be accepted. If this pre-screening form is not approved today, you may re-apply on a later date if your living circumstances or job qualifications change. If you believe you have supplied incorrect information within your form submission, please contact the HFHDC office directly to discuss the matter.

Please use one of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Chrome or Safari. If you have difficulty, please attempt again using Google Chrome.

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